Monday, May 2, 2016

Outfit: Yes, the river knows.

Embroidered and mirrored velvet waistcoat ; psychedelic shirt dress & indian jewelry: Vintage || Studded western boots: Zara (old) 

Today's outfit is completely vintage and it's definitely been one of my most loved looks I posted in 2016 so far. It's very 70s, very Rock 'n' Roll and very festival inspired - short: sums up me and my style in general. :-)
I bought this oh so perfect embroidered waistcoat from one of my favorite vintage shops on Etsy a few weeks ago after I had been searching for a versatile vest which goes above all my summer dresses. This black afghan vest was love at first sight - I haven't seen any waistcoat like this before. Most are usually made with golden embroidery, but silver fits so much better to my usual accessories choice (lots of silver, you know!). A beautiful waistcoat can make every outfit look much more interesting and outstanding. This psychedelic paisley shirt dress is from Oxfam, a local secondhand shop. I love its warm 60s/70s print in retro colors and I'm definitely going to wear it a lot this summer  because I can easily unbutton it and throw it over everything as a jacket or an alternative to my kimonos, too. 

Peace. xxx

Friday, April 29, 2016

Outfit: Take me to heaven, watch me go bye-bye to the sky.

Embroidered wool afghan coat & tharu necklace: Vintage || Woodstock tee: Urban Outfitters || Buttoned bandits shorts: One Teaspoon || Platform boots: Vagabond

For this Friday I have a cozier look again - on the day I took the photos it was actually raining all day so I was glad that my coat kept me warm and dry. I bought the vintage coat on a few months ago, it comes straight from the 60s/70s and it's such a beautiful piece! I love embroidered clothing so much, especially when it comes to jackets or coats. They look like art and are always real eye catchers. I combined it in a casual way with my printed woodstock tee from Urban Outfitters and my favorite blue denim shorts which look really nice together. Added my favorite platform boots and the outfit is complete.

Have an amazing weekend, lovers! Peace. xxx

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Outift: Good Times, Bad Times.

Lace-Up Suede dress: Zara || Necklace: Vanessa Mooney 

Here's finally an outfit post with my suede dress I bought at Zara around 1 year ago, it's simply amazing - especially on spring days! Sometimes you can find some real treasures at highstreet fashion stores which look straight from a vintage boutique. Especially Zara sometimes release the most beautiful pieces! The dress is made of a very soft suede and got beautiful stitching details and a lace-up front - it's whole fit is very 70s vintage inspired which I love!
I combined it with some turquoise navajo jewelry and a pair of my platform boots.

Love x

Monday, April 25, 2016

Outfit: If we could just join hands...

Printed Shorts: Shred Threads || Aerosmith tee: eBay || Concho belt: Vintage (similar on eBay) || Western boots: Gamloong

Festival season is finally here and just right in time here's a summer look. I received these cute ethnic embroidered shorts (they're so comfy and soft! Perfect for the summer heat) from the beautiful Etsy shop called "Shred Threads" selling vintage and vintage inspired clothing. I love wearing them with a band tee like I did here. I'm collecting band tees you probably all already noticed and this Aerosmith tee is a newcomer to my closet. It was a real bargain and got an amazing grey vintage wash which I love! Plus it got a faded print which makes it look even cooler & vintage. I usually prefer the soft and less stiff fabrics here - especially in summer worn together with shorts or skirts. 
For the accessories I chose mostly native american jewelry like turquoise cuffs and rings, my buffalo skull necklace, concho belt and my cowboy boots. 

Love x 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Outfit: Acid Hologram.

Crochet insert long blouse: Romwe || Faux leather shorts: old (similar on ASOS) || Ethnic necklaces: Vintage & Forever 21 || Concho belt: Vintage via eBay || Platform Boots: Vagabond 

For this Friday I have a festival look again - it includes some my favorite fabrics: leather & crochet (which match very well!). On top of that I think light pink can't look better with any other color than black. The combo is actually very 'cute' looking but with a Rock 'n' Roll twist thanks to leather shorts and my favorite concho belt. I received this blush colored longline blouse from Romwe the other day and its button detailed front makes it possible to wear it open as a duster or closed as a blouse as I did here. It got some kind of lingerie vibe which I always love - it's so flowy and soft! 

... Btw have you already listened to the new Deftones album called "Gore"? I chose the song "Acid Hologram" of the new record for my title. Deftones has been one of my favorite bands for more than 6 years now and their latest album is definitely no disappointment - it's even become one of my favorites! They have a different and unique sound and if you're into alternative or rock music in general, you'll love it. 
Have an awesome weekend, lovers!